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Some things are simply too personal to have out there for everyone to see.
For this reason, I'm making my journal (mostly) friends only.
So, please feel free to leave a comment & introduce yourself.

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Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway on my blog!

Hello, lovelies! I'm not sure how many of you are still following me on LiveJournal. Obviously, I don't really use it anymore. But, I do still read & comment occasionally. But, believe it or not, I didn't come here to write about my exit from the world of LJ. That's too obvious.

I'm writing to let you--my friends-- know about an awesome giveaway I'm doing on my blog! You can win the dress pictured above! Winner will be picked at random on April 16! I'd love for one of you to win! For more details, go to my blog!

ALSO: If any of you have blogs and would like to exchange links, let me know. I'm always looking for more blogging friends. :) 

"tree houses" by corinne dean

Skin Issues

My creation

I'm having really frustrating issues with my skin lately. I switched to a mineral-based powder for foundation & a few days ago, I developed a terrible rash like acne on my neck & chin. It itches & it seems to keep getting worse every day. I am freaking out because I've never had issues with my skin before. I've always had really great skin actually. What should I do? It's driving me crazy! I obviously stopped using the make-up & haven't put any products on my skin since then. I look horrible though! And, the itching! Oh my gosh, the itching! The itching has to stop or I might just go mad.

Any advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Preferably any natural remedies. At this point, I'll try anything! 

P.S. I'm sorry that the only update I've made in, like, a month is a disgusting picture of my face. :[

On the positive side of things.

I love this guy.

So. I've been thinking. This administrative position, although it's not at all what I want to end up doing for the rest of my life, will actually end up giving me a lot more free time than I am used to especially during my teaching internship. Teaching is definitely a career that does not stop when you leave school. You bring work home with you, you're constantly lesson planning. At least I will have time for myself when I get home from work every day & that is most definitely a blessing.

Things I want to do with the free time:
  • Work on my blog. I want to dedicate myself to blogging & making posts with more substance. Do any of you have blogs? Anyone want to partner up? Exchange blog links? Do something creative? 
  • Although this seems counter-intuitive to the previous thing, I want to stop obsessively scouring the internet. I spend so much of my free-time on my computer! I get sucked into the black hole that is Facebook & I can't ever seem to get myself out of it. I find myself on the Facebook pages of people I don't even know -- envying how exciting their lives look, etc. This isnt healthy! I'm wasting away my own life during the process.
  • Stop being lazy & get to the gym! Another positive about this admin job is that it is on campus & I plan on getting a membership at the Rec Center which is right next to the office I will be working in. I can also walk to work which is amazing. And, once it gets warmer, I can start biking there! :)
  • Travel. I really, really want to go more places! And, I think this job will allow me to actually think about doing this. My friend Heather lives in Portland & I'd just adore to go out there & visit her. It's a place I've always wanted to visit.
  • Get crafty. I want to learn how to make things with my hands. I've never been good at this. I don't know how to knit or sew or do anything like that. So, I'd really like to do something. Even if that's taking a class somewhere in the community! Maybe that will even help me meet new & exciting people!
  • Begin writing again. I love to write. I want to try to actually do it. I am toying around with starting a writing blog. Although, I suppose this LiveJournal is as good as any! :]
There are more things I want to do as well. This is just the beginning. I like this. I like thinking positively. I guess I'll give it a go for a bit.
"tree houses" by corinne dean

Bike help!

Okay. So, I have an embarassing confession. I still haven't found a bike. And, do you want to know why? Because when I finally went to test-ride one that I found on Craigslist, I totally crashed while trying to ride it! The reason was because I have never ridden a bike with those u-shaped handlebars. No, I don't know their proper name, but they look something like this:

Every bike I've seen on Craigslist that I think would work for me (I have been told I need a road bike with atleast 10 speeds because of how hilly Cincinnati is) has these kinds of handlebars! But, I'm just so scared to try to ride one again because of how badly things turned out the first time around. I think I'm not very balanced on bikes which sucks because I really, really think riding one would be great. I guess my question is, do these handlebars just take some getting used to? Am I a complete & utter failure for not being able to ride one? I guess also I haven't had much practice on a bike in a while...I haven't owned a proper one since i was a kid.

I'm pretty much feeling like a huge tool right now for having to ask these sorts of questions. But, seriously, what kind of bike is EASY to ride but also would work in a place with lots of hills? I kind of just want something that I know I won't crash on. :/

"tree houses" by corinne dean

Latest Twitters.

  • 15:03 Trekked all the way to the library in the rain 'cuz I simply was not getting any school work done at my place. I'm hoping it was worth it!
  • 16:50 Everyone in the library looks so stressed! Is it sad that I find comfort in knowing we are all suffering together? Ah, finals week.
  • 21:18 Emilyabigail.com: Finals Week Inspired Outfit. tinyurl.com/583fmq
"tree houses" by corinne dean

Latest Twitters.

  • 03:34 I can't sleep, so I'm watching a cookie special on the Food network. Now I REALLY want some homemade cookies. Mmmmmm. #
  • 12:17 Emilyabigail.com: Fifty People, One Question. tinyurl.com/6qhgpt #
  • 18:12 Indian food twice in one week?? My stomach's telling me NO, but my taste buds are telling me YES. #
"tree houses" by corinne dean

Latest Twitters.

  • 11:53 Last night ended up being pretty interesting. Not really sure what think at this moment. Sorry for being so vague. But, you know. #
  • 13:02 Hello, snow! You are making it hard for me to concentrate on my school work. #
  • 13:36 About to go venture into the snow to get some Starbucks. One thing I love about where I live, I can walk just about everywhere! #